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Cmb Website Requirements

Cmb Website Requirements

Cmb Website Requirements

A. Investment Services and Activities that Our Bank is Authorized to Perform

B. Introductory Information on Institutions in favor of Whom Activities are Conducted

The institutions in favor of whom activities are conducted is Halk Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. Please clink below for introductory information on this institution.

C. Minimum Component and Risks of Transactions
• Debt Instruments Risk Notice Form
• Risk Notice Form for Shares
• Derivative Instruments Risk Notice Form
• Investment Services and Activities General Risk Notice Form
• Futures (Derivatives) Pre-Contractual Information and Risk Notice Form

D. Conditions of Storage and Use of Personal Data

Our Bank has created an Information Security Management System considering the international standards and relevant legislation in order to protect the personal data of our customers from unauthorized access, corruption and destruction and to ensure the integrity and accessibility only by authorized staff of such information when required. It is principle not to disclose the bank information and customer details to unauthorized persons as per legal legislation.

We have taken all physical and systemic measures to protect the security of the personal data of our customer received within the scope of custodian service against other service units.
For detailed information;

E. Order Placement, Execution of Transactions and Exchange or Settlement

G. Instant Buying and Selling Price Quotations Given For Unlisted Capital Market Instruments Excluding Derivatives Created With Customer In Line With the Requirement and Request of Any Customer

You can get in contact with relevant customer representative.

H. Principles on Transactions That May Be Carried Out By Customers In Electronic Environment and Notifications to be Made to Customer in Electronic Environment

Our customers can view and carry out transactions on our distribution channels. Customers will be able to carry out share certificate, investment fund and Lease Certificate transactions electronically.

Account Statements, Notifications set forth in III-45.1 Communique on Document and Record Format Concerning Investment Services and Activities and Ancillary Services and Margin Calls can be sent to our customers in electronic environment.

İ. Capital Market Instruments, Stock Exchange and Market Information

J. Legislation Provisions That Professional Customers Cannot Benefit From

K. In Line With “Contingency Plan” Prepared for Probable Risks, Contact Information to be Used by the Customers in Case Of Emergency and Contingency and Precautions to be Taken To Minimize The Customers’ Risks

Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) has been created within the body of Emlak Katılım by taking IS0 22301 standards, legislation issued by BRSA and international best practices as reference. Continuing operations are monitored to implement, monitor, review, ensure sustainability of and improve the system about Business Continuity Policy.

This policy explains business continuity activities which will help to maintain the service delivery ability at a predetermined acceptable levels following an incident (fire, earthquake, flood, epidemic disease, system problems etc.) which may cause failure in business processes in Emlak Katılım, to prepare and create the processes, practice instructions, decisions and activities required for the sustainability of the services following the interruption of services, to develop proactive and reactive solutions to avoid crisis and disasters and to resume back to ordinary status rapidly.

Necessary definitions have been made for Emergency management, Crisis Management and Business recovery steps to recover ongoing operations and relevant studies have been performed about roles and responsibilities, critical business processes, critical staff, critical applications and business impact analysis.

In addition to these studies, we have relevant plans for the sustainability and maintainability of the information systems and Emergency Case Central Tests are performed every year.

In the event of occurrence of any event which may affect the business continuity, Continuity Committee consisting of senior executives and necessary support functions leads the corporation and manage the process for the precautions to be taken and putting the plans into operation.

L. Probable Risks and Security of Computer Networks and Coding System

To ensure the confidentiality and security of the information provided by the customers, Emlak Katılım adopts the policy including basic rules specified in below link:

M. Alternative Communication Methods To Be Used Against Trading Platform and Computer Network Features, Risks and Security Measures, If Any, and Probable Risks in Trading Platform

N. Legal Notice

The information provided on this page are general information and this page may not contain sufficient information to support the customer’s buying and selling decisions.