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Complaint and Resolution Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the scope of our Customer Satisfaction Policy, your complaints are systematically evaluated in compliance with confidentiality principles and the result is notified to you as soon as possible.


Customers can make complaint statements through our Branches, Call Center, Social Networking Sites, Complaint Websites, Emlak Katılım website without paying any fees or commissions. In interviews through call center, call charges are according to the tariff determined by the operator firm.

The Customer is notified by e-mail of the receipt of complaint demand

Complaint demand is met and evaluated

Analysis of the demand

The relevant branch, Head Office units or customer is contacted to resolve the complaint

The response to customer’s complaint is prepared as a result of analysis

Transmitting the result to the customer through the communication method used by the customer

Closing of the complaint demand

Complaint statement has been completed.