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Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources Policies

  • We create an efficient and peaceful work environment for our employees with innovative approaches in line with our Bank’s vision, strategies and participation banking principles.
  • We are aware that our most significant power is our employees and we invest in the future of our Bank and employees.
  • We discover the potential of our employees and support their professional developments.
  • We employ our employees in right positions according to their goals and competences and create synergic teams.
  • We form a transparent and fair career system and lead our employees in each step of their career stages.

Career Management

We know that future leaders will come through us and we prepare our career plans accordingly. We support our employees with our career system which will turn the potential into performance and which is fair and based on open communication and success.

We intend to give priority to our employees for the open positions in our Bank and train our own managers from among us.

We pave the way for each employee who maintains his/her success to advance in his/her career up to the highest level.

Recruitment Process

The basis of our bank’s recruitment process is based on the employment of the candidates who meet the qualities of the relevant positions best and who are in compliance with our corporate values and culture.

Accordingly, we carry out employment process under two main headings.

Employment of Fresh Graduates

We select our colleagues who will take the first step into banking sector from among candidates who graduated from the relevant 4-year departments of the universities, who are below age 28, who meet the conditions set forth in advertisements and who succeed in exams and inventories we will hold.

Click for our job advertisement for fresh graduates.

Employment of Experienced Candidates

For the open positions in Head Office and branches which require experience, we employ the candidates who wish to continue their careers in participation banking field and who have been found appropriate within the scope of our inventory and assessment procedures.

Click for our general application job advertisements.

Türkiye Emlak Katılım Bankası Career Portal

We publish and conduct our job advertisement management, candidate evaluation and other recruitment processes upon our career portal.

Click to view our job advertisements and career opportunities.

Wages and Fringe Benefits

In determination of the remuneration of our employees; we take the sectoral conditions of competition and position/title level and experience into consideration. Being objective and fair underlies the sustainable remuneration system.

Wage payments are made in net on the last day of each month.

In addition to their wages, we offer the benefits below to our employees:

  • Private health insurance including the spouse and children
  • Private Pension Plan with our Bank’s contribution
  • Social benefits (dental treatment, glasses, clothing, moving, marriage, birth)
  • Foreign language allowance
  • Cash indemnity

Training and Development

We believe in the potential of our employees and consider the training as one of the most significant investment instruments. We integrate our employees into a development process which will directly affect their personal developments and performances from the first day of their employment. We adopt educational methods and updated educational technologies required for the adult learning and offer an efficient and accessible development environments for our employees.