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Cumulative Participation Accounts

Cumulative Participation Accounts

Cumulative Participation Account

The Cumulative Participation Accounts are participation accounts for those who are interested in making long-term investments with small savings.

You can make monthly and quarterly payments to this account, which can be opened for a minimum term of 3 years and a maximum of 10 years

  • To open an account, you need a minimum of 500 TL, 100 USD or 100 Euro.
  • After opening your account, you can make your payments through payment order from current account.
  • You can update the order amounts.
  • The minimum amount you can deposit is 100 TL or 50 USD or Euro.
  • A lump sum can be deposited on opening of the account.
  • You can skip payments a maximum of 5 times.
  • You can withdraw money 3 times or up to 50% of the capital before the end of the term.
  • If these conditions are violated, 50% of the gross profit shares paid to the customer until that day is received back.