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Gold Accounts

Gold Accounts


It is a type of account which can be opened as deposit or drawing account and which ensures to keep your personal savings in gold. You can physically receive your gold amounts from our branches at any time you want.


It is a type of account which can be opened as drawing account and which valorises your personal savings in gold.

  • You can use this account for saving and storage purposes.
  • Yu can perform gold buying and selling transactions at any time you want.
  • Minimum transaction limit is 0.01 gram.
  • Deposited golds are kept at 995/1000 purity.
  • You can buy and sell gold with favourable prices through TL, USD and Euro accounts.
  • You can easily open Gold Current Account from our branches, internet and mobile branches.


Gold-To-Gold Account is a type of account with interest-free income. The Gold to Gold Participation Account provides the opportunity to make savings and to make profit. This participation account provides profit share to the account holders as a result of valorisation of the golds deposited in grams and with definite terms within gold participation account pools.

  • Your gold investments are valorised in safe and you take the opportunity to receive profit share.
  • Gold-To-Gold Participation Account with one-month maturity can be opened with 100 grams of gold.
  • Accounts may be opened with 10 grams of gold with minimum 3-month maturity.
  • Withholding rates are 15% for each term.
  • You get profit share and benefit from increase of value in gold.

Emlak Katılım is a member of Takasbank Gold Transfer System. You can easily send and receive gold between member banks in the system. Click to see member banks.