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Current Accounts

Current Accounts

  • You can open current account in TL, foreign currency or precious metals and perform all banking transactions on your accounts.
  • For the current accounts opened in Turkish Lira, foreign currency and precious metals in the name of natural/real persons which are not subject to commercial transactions other than drawing checks; the amount up to 150.000 TL (One hundred and fifty thousand Turkish Liras) of the current accounts and unit account values of the participation accounts are under the guarantee of Saving Deposit Insurance Fund.
  • No account maintenance fee is received for the accounts you open.

Banking Transactions to be Performed on Private Current Account

  • Money Deposit/Withdrawal
  • Money Transfer, EFT
  • Credit and Credit Card Payments
  • Rental, Grant, Subscription Fee Payments
  • Invoice/Bill Payments
  • Check-Note Collection
  • Foreign Currency and Precious Metal Transactions

Transaction Channels

  • Mobile Branch
  • Branch
  • Internet Branch
  • Call Center