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Money transfers and Regular Payment Orders

Money Transfers and Regular Payment Orders

You can carry out and give payment orders for Internal Transfer, Transfer and EFT transactions at Emlak Katılım and can ensure the realization of your orders on any date and at any time you want. Emlak Katılım System will make the payments for you on transaction date.

What Kinds of Orders Can be Placed?

You can give both single payment order to be carried out on a specific date and regular payment orders to be carried out once a week or month. By this means, you can give future dated EFT and money transfer orders on this system. You can make periodical rental, car, school fee payments automatically.

With Regular Payment Order;

  • You do not need to track your regular payments.
  • If any regular payment order given as transfer to another bank falls on weekend, your payment order will be carried out on the first business day.
  • If you define your orders under Roof (Çatı) Account, you do not need to track your payments.
  • Our bank informs you about the results of your payment orders through SMS/E-mail depending on your preference.