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Checks and Notes

Checks and Notes

  • Based on your Check Account to be opened at our bank, you can receive a check book and make your payments with check without experiencing cash shortage.
  • You can collect other bank checks from Emlak Katılım’s all branches.
  • You can collect Foreign Currency checks drawn on member banks to Foreign Currency Check Clearing system from Emlak Katılım branches.
  • You can benefit from our intermediary services for the collections of notes on which you are Payee.
  • If you mainly make your payments with check, you can demand Continuous Form Check.

QR Code Check

Increase your security with QR Code Check!

With QR Code Check, which ensures safer check collection, check bearers will be able to have summary report information about the payment performance of the drawer and to check whether it is fake or not by means of the QR code on the check leaves without any approval process.

Now, you can demand QR Code Check Book from Emlak Katılım and build reputation and confidence in the market.

Features of QR Code Check

  • QR Code printed on check leave enable the check bearers to receive check report from Electronic reporting System (ERS).
  • It is required to use Findeks Mobile Application recognizing QR Code to receive such report.
  • You must be a Findeks member to demand QR Code Check.
  • You can make Findeks membership application during QR Code Check application process upon our banking systems. There is no cost of membership.

Advantages of QR Code Check

  • QR Code Check increases your confidence and reputation in the market and facilitates the acceptance of your checks.
  • It makes more practical for check bearers to recognize the drawer.
  • With QR Code Check, the check bearers are able to check in advance the creditability of the drawer, whether it is fake or not and whether it is in circulation or not.

Continuous Form Check

  • Stop writing checks manually!
  • Emlak Katılım offers Continuous Form Check Printing services for our customers in our branches. Our legal customers can carry out batch check entries from Emlak Katılım branches without the need for any software.

Advantages of Continuous Form Checks

  • Probable errors which can be seen on manual written checks are minimized with the help of continuous form check printing software,
  • It shortens the processing time and saves operational labor force,
  • Formal and professional appearance of the checks written with continuous check printing software brings prestige to the firms.