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Foreign Travel Health Insurance

Foreign Travel Health Insurance

With Foreign Travel Health Insurance, you can guarantee treatment expenses for any urgent and unexpected health problems you might face during your travels abroad.

Other than treatment expenses, you can secure yourself against loss of luggage, transfer costs, delays due to miss of connecting flight, cancellation of the participant’s tour due to mandatory reasons etc. and can facilitate your life.

Policy coverage:

  • Medical treatment coverage
  • Emergency medical discharge and transfer due to injury or serious disease
  • Funeral transfer
  • Transfer costs after medical treatments
  • Extension of accommodation period due to injury or disease
  • Accommodation of one family member due to injury or treatment of a disease
  • Loss, damage and theft of the luggage
  • Cash advance
  • Delayed luggage (12 hours and more)
  • Delay due to double booking
  • Being late due to miss of connecting flight
  • Cancellation of the tour of the participant (due to mandatory reasons)
  • Refusal of visa
  • Information and organization services

Foreign Travel Heath insurance, which is required by consulates during your visa applications, guarantees your urgent medical expenses that you might face during your travel and facilitates your life with assistance services.

Tax Advantage

You can deduct from tax all the premium amounts that you pay for you, your spouse and children under age 18 provided not to exceed the amount specified below

  • If you are a wageworker, 15% of the monthly gross wage and total amount of annual gross minimum wage;
  • If you are a self-employed person, 15% of the annual declared income and total amount of the annual gross minimum wage.

Foreign Travel Health Insurance is offered by Katılım Emeklilik.

Emlak Katılım is the agent of Katılım Emeklilik A.Ş.