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Corporate Life Insurance

Corporate Life Insurance

Corporate Life Insurance provides guarantee against the death, permanent disability or critical illnesses (cancer, stroke due to illness or heart attack) of the company owners or partners who are the customers of Emlak Katılım and helps the continuity of the company.

In case of injury by accident, treatment expenses are guaranteed within the scope of policy limits.

Furthermore, our comprehensive assistance service package is with you for 24/7.

Assistant Services:

  • Installation/Sanitary works *
  • Electric works *
  • Key works *
  • Rescue of the employees locked in the workplace *
  • Glass works *
  • Security service*
  • Travel expenses arising out of any damage at workplace *
  • Sending of physician or ambulance *
  • Funeral transfer in the event of death
  • Payment of insured invoices *
  • Legal Assistance Information Line
  • Financial Advisor Information line
  • Medical Assistance Information Line
  • Employer Information Line
  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Private Services

Only the policy holder can benefit from abovementioned services within the scope of limits and general exceptions.

*These services can be used for once a year but there is no limitation or restriction for other services.

Guarantee content
Death Accidental Permanent Disability Accidental Treatment Expenses Critical Illnesses Assistant Service
200.000 TL 200.000 TL 10.000 TL 50.000 TL Included

Corporate Life Insurance is offered by Katılım Emeklilik.

Emlak Katılım is the agent of Katılım Emeklilik A.Ş.