Export Financing (Export-Certified Transactions)

Export-Certified Transactions

Export-Certified Transaction is the financing provided before the actual shipment to the exporters and manufacturer firms that supply goods to exporters. Since this financing type is within the scope of export incentives, it is exempt from BITT and extended in foreign currency.

Türk Eximbank Participation Pre-shipment Export Credits (TL/FC)

This financing is provided by Türk Eximbank via Emlak Katılım to the SME companies and manufacturers/exporters in TL/FC for the purpose of export promotion and meeting their pre-shipment financial needs up to the committed FOB export amount with suitable rates.


For transactions in USD and EUR: 120 days (1 Installment), 180 days (1 Installment), 360 days (1 Installment) and 540 days (1 Installment)
For transactions in TL: 120 days (1 Installment), 180 days (1 Installment) and 360 days (2 Installments)


  • Exporters, manufacturer-exporters and those companies which manufacture export-registered end products and export such goods through an exporter and companies which export foreign exchange gaining services can use this financing type.
  • BITT exemption is applied based on export and foreign currency gaining service commitment.