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Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing

What is Leasing?

Leasing (Financial Leasing) is a method of finance that grants the tenant the right to use an investment asset owned by the leasing firm in return for rent payments. Ownership is then transferred to the tenant at the end of the contract. Leasing must be based on a financial leasing contract. In financial leasing, the right to ownership of the asset subject to financial leasing belongs to the lessor (Emlak Katılım) and the right to use it belongs to the lessee; and the right to ownership is transferred to the lessee at the end of the contract with a nominal (symbolic) transfer fee.

Who can use leasing?

All tax-payer legal persons, artisans, self-employed persons, farmers, foundations, cooperatives, joint ventures, joint stock companies and limited liability companies can use leasing.

Leasing Process

  • Choose the asset you want to rent for investment purposes and then contact our bank.
  • Reach an agreement with Emlak Katılım on a payment plan that is suitable for you.
  • Your leasing application is then evaluated and you receive the evaluation results.
  • The leasing contract is signed, and the operation begins.
  • The seller delivers the assets to you and Emlak Katılım makes the payment to the seller.
  • You pay your rent during the leasing period and you take over the property at the end such leasing period if you so wish.